Vaporizing marijuana involves extraction of active ingredients of the plant using heating elements. There are many vaporizers available in the market. They include vapor genie, forced-air vaporizers and vaporizers with a water cooling system. Vaporizing dry herb has many advantages as opposed to taking it orally or smoking it. It eliminates mess and litter as opposed to smoking since there are no ashes or residue left after smoking pot. The smell left after vaporizing weed is very minimal.Более детально тут http://www.ksnorml.org. Vaporizers allow you to separate medical THC to eliminate harmful toxins. Vaporization involves heating leaves unlike smoking which involves burning them. This allows you to use the leaves longer to extract the active ingredients. It also produces no smoke thus eliminating harmful carcinogens. This smokeless method of consuming marijuana has become more popular among health conscious and high-tech inclined individuals.
As weed vaporizes, you will notice a thin mist being formed at 170 degrees Celsius. This is far better compared to a typical joint which burns up to 1100 degrees Celsius, creating harmful carcinogens. Research indicates that smoke from a joint or a bong contains no cannabinoid elements which increases health risks KS NORML. Using a weed vaporizer keeps you away from smoke, a common cause of lung cancer and respiratory problems. The most immediate effects of combustion are irritation of the windpipe. Long term exposure to smoke is very unnatural and hard to the lugs.
Vaporizers produce very little odor as compared to smoking cannabis. It isn’t entirely eliminated but it does not linger longer or noticeably. The smell is not carried that far compared to smoke NORML KS. This allows you to get high without offending others. You can use it in a stealth mode to avoid being noticed. It also prevents smoke from accumulating in your furniture, curtains, clothing and hair. You neighbors are also protected from second hand smoke.
Using a weed vaporizer allows you to taste your marijuana more than smoking. It tastes much cleaner and clearer when not burnt into a carcinogen crisp. Much of the THC is preserved allowing it to be delivered in large quantities for a more high feeling.
Vaporizers provide a modern touch which is very appealing. They are not associated with stoner stigmas of the past associated with joints and bongs. For instance, a vape pen is a classy and stealth way of smoking in public.

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